Fly on the wall documentaries have raised public awareness and interest in trucks and driving involving women behind the wheel. Programs such as "Stobarts Trucks & Trailers", "Ice Road Truckers" on Channel 5 and "MotherTruckers" on Channel 4.

An lgv licence is the key to opportunities all over the world
Canada and the USA are big employers of UK LGV C+E licence holders.
Broadening your horizons, and seeing the world from behind the wheel whilst paying your way, it puts another spin on "Fly-drive!"
Check out Women in Transport USA (WiT) and Mothertruckers in the UK.
  W.I.T. USA Mother Truckers
Truck Racing
Truck Racing is fast growing in popularity with National and International Meetings
The 1000 bhp race-trucks are tiny in stature compared to their commercial counterparts, but they are faster 0-60 mph than a Porsche.The race community are friendly and very approachable, making for a fun day out for all the family.
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